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An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated August 12, Removing email accounts from the iPhone Mail app is a straightforward procedure, although you should consider alternatives to cut down on email noise before you decide to remove an account. Instructions in this article apply to iOS Directions are similar for recent versions of the Apple mobile operating system.


iphone 7 plus remove email account

When you remove an email account from your Apple iPhone 7, the associated contacts, calendars and email messages are also removed. Depending on the account type and settings, your data may remain on the account providerʼs servers. 1. Touch Settings. 2. Scroll to and touch Mail. 3. Touch Accounts. 4. Touch the account you want to delete. Delete email account. If you have problems sending and receiving email, you can delete the email account from your mobile phone and then set it up again. Tap Settings. Tap Mail. Tap Accounts. Tap the required email account. Tap Delete Account. Tap Delete from My iPhone. Remove an Email Account - Apple® iPhone®. Removing then re-adding your email often fixes login and not receiving email issues. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings > Accounts & Passwords. From the ACCOUNTS section, tap an email account. Tap Delete Account (at the bottom; may require scrolling). To confirm, tap Delete from My iPhone.

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Choose an email account. On older versions of iOS, tap Done. If you don't see the Done button, the changes are saved, and you can exit the settings. Turn Off Notifications Only You can also disable automatic mail checking or notifications for the account. Then you can receive and send messages from the account, iphone 7 plus remove email account, but iphone 7 plus remove email account remains hidden from sight and out of the way. Tap Fetch New Data. Select Manually.


How to delete an email account from my Apple iPhone 7 — Apple iPhone 7



How to Delete an Email Account on an iPhone

So to add or remove an account, iphone 7 plus remove email account, you'll work through the Settings app, not the Mail app. Select the email account you want to remove. Considerations for Email Account Removal Before you remove an email account, evaluate the implications. You can still receive and send emails on the web or in other email programs set up to use the email account. With POP, the iPhone may be the only place where emails are stored.

To turn off automatic mail check for an account on an iPhone: From the Settings app, go to Passwords & Accounts. Some older versions of iOS don't have that menu item. Instead, go to Mail > Accounts. Open Fetch New Data. Tap the desired email account. Make sure Manual is selected. For those that own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, it’s a good idea to know how to delete iCloud account on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The reason you should know how to delete iCloud account is because you’ve purchased the iPhone from someone else and want to remove . If you have problems sending and receiving email, you can delete the email account and then create it again. 1 of 7 steps Press Settings. 2 of 7 steps Press Mail.

This is the case if iOS Mail is set up to delete emails from the server after downloading them and the messages have not been saved anywhere else. Deleting Calendars and Other Features of Your Account Deleting an email account from an iPhone also removes calendars, notes, to-do items, and contacts that use this account. Alternatives to Deleting an Account from Your iPhone Iphone 7 plus remove email account don't need to delete an email account from the iPhone entirely to remove or hide emails.

iphone 7 plus remove email account

Tap Mail. Select the account for which you want to disable new mail notifications. Turn off the Allow Notifications toggle switch. Some older versions of iOS have different settings. If you don't see the above, go to Alert style when unlocked and select None. Clear the checkmark next to the mail account. Tap Done to save the changes. You will receive notifications for emails from VIP senders. The same applies to thread notifications. If iOS Mail is set to alert you to replies you receive in a conversation, the settings for thread notifications apply instead of those for the account where you receive the email.


Disable Notifications for New Messages To disable only notifications for new messages you receive at an iPhone email account, while the messages are still downloaded automatically and ready once you open Mail: From the Settings app, open Notifications.